By: Nicole Moreau

Should You Buy Now Or Wait?

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The decision to buy real estate today or wait must be a personal one. At the end of the day investing in real estate must be a decision that you feel right about pursuing.   There are great arguments to both sides of the conversation. Particularly in the Okanagan, we have finally trended into a balanced market. Some will view this trend as the beginning to doomsday, meaning our market is on t...Read More

By: Nicole Moreau

Buyer’s Market, Seller’s Market, Balanced Market. Which One Are We In Now?

Tags: Buyer’s Market, Seller’s Market, Balanced Market

There has been a shift in the Central Okanagan real estate market from a seller’s market to a balanced market. But what exactly does this mean?   A Seller’s Market   A seller’s market is when we have a limited supply of inventory, coupled with a large demand for homes. Essentially when the number of homes is less than the demand for homes. In this sort of market price...Read More

By: Nicole Moreau

Investment Opportunity

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  How to reduce risk when investing in the real estate market 1)      Find and purchase a qualified investment property 2)      Automate your property expenses 3)      Rent your property to a Canadian Agency 4)      Focus on your own passion and let the Association manage your investment! &nb...Read More